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Beauty Trends Not Worth The Hype 2017

To each their own but these are some beauty trends that are so not worth the hype for 2017.

Lash Extensions

I’ve been up close and personal with lash extensions for many years now. Starting in beauty school where I watched all my classmates practice on each other. “It’s a great money maker Monet, you should take a class…”  I watched one-by-one as each girl got them. They loved them, were annoyed by how they looked a week later, got them off, lost half their eye lashes then proceeded to do it again to cover up their bald lash line. Not for me. Can we please be done with them already?!

Stencil Brows

You know the ones… boxy, harsh and stencil-ish. There’s a couple beauty gurus who totally pull them off but these brows require a certain level of glam throughout your makeup look to pull it all together. Unless you’re rocking a rainbow glitter eye on the daily, chances are these brows aren’t for you. Embracing and enhancing your natural shape will always be more flattering. To assume everyone is going to look good with the same stencil brows on their face is crazy-talk. I have a feeling this is going to be one of those “What were you thinking Mom?!” trends.


This one’s for my everyday girls, not to say that you’re not doing it right but… Let’s save contouring for the professionals and the self-taught professionals. This one can just go SO wrong and in most cases do more harm than good. Contouring can go from chiseled and chic to sallow and dirty reeeal quick. Maybe best to ditch the contour and go with round and youthful on this one??

If you’re guilty of any of these trends that I have deemed ‘not worth the hype’ then good for you! Beauty and makeup is too much fun not to experiment with! Keep playing and having fun but most of all remember to love what’s under the makeup first <3



  • Evie

    Ha – I am so going to agree with you on this one. I trained as a makeup artist a couple of years back (as I do photography so really wanted to know about makeup for photographic work). Because of this a photographer friend gets me to do makeovers on his clients once or twice a month.

    The boxy eyebrows is such a thing and looks so awful. I was taught to look at the brow line and just lightly fill in to give the correct shape and lightly even out gaps. If you look at any videos by real MUAs this is how they do eyebrows rather than the almost painted on by some ‘beauty’ people.

    Contouring cracks me up a little as people have seen how Kim Kardashian does it and think they have to do the same for everyday wear. BUT, Kim does it as she is being constantly photographed and her contouring is heavy for photographers and flash – flash can wipe out about 40% of color so makeup for flash photography always has to be put on stronger. Girls therefore see this and think they have to put their contouring on as heavy etc but they are not being photographed everywhere. I rarely even contour for photographic makeup as you can get the same effects through lighting techniques.

    • Monet Lee

      Evie- SO glad to hear another professional agrees with me on those two trends. I’m hoping the boxy stencil eyebrows are on their way out. I’ve been seeing natural brows making a comeback. *fingers crossed* And as for the contour- it’s way too much for the average girl, we don’t all need Kim K contour that’s for sure! Love that you’re making it work using lighting techniques though, super clever. xo/Monet

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