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Do skin care products expire?

Short answer: YES. Your products can and will expire! To make it easy for you to know whether something is expired or not, companies have put these handy dandy labels on their products for you.


These jar symbols essentially mean the product is good for __ months after opening. Usually these symbols are located on the backside of a product.

do skin care products expire

When you use expired products you definitely won’t be getting the full benefits of the ingredients. Overtime, if not stored properly your products can also become a bacteria feeding ground that could potentially cause breakouts and other adverse reaction.

To ensure you’re not using expired products consider labeling your new purchases with the date you first opened it. Use a sharpie to mark the date on tape or directly on the product itself.

*If you purchase your products from Sephora and have an online account you can login and check out your purchase history to get an idea of how old your current products are.

Remember that most natural products will have a much shorter shelf life than products containing a ton of chemicals so it’s extremely important to be aware of the expiration date on them. Natural products are usually formulated with real ingredients and without preservatives or chemicals leading to it’s shorter shelf life. A lot of these products do really well when kept in the fridge as well.


Here’s a few tips for storing your products to get the longest life possible out of your skin care:

Store your products in cool, dark place

Once products have been opened and exposed to light and air the deterioration of the product begins. Light can interfere with many ingredients in skin care and cause them to be completely inactive- no thank you.

Take your products out of the bathroom

I know it seems like the most logical place to store your products however along with the ideal environment being cool and dark it should also be dry. Humidity breeds bacteria, mold and yeast- yuck. I still keep my cleanser in the bathroom for obvious reasons but I also tend to go through cleanser faster than most of my other products.

Make sure your products are closed tightly

The longer your products are exposed to air the faster they will expire. Closing your products tightly and quickly after they are opened will help to preserve the ingredients. Also make sure not to lose your caps if your products have them!

Buy products with pumps

Whenever possible choose products that don’t require you to dig your hands into a jar to get product. I am by no means a germaphobe however when it comes to my face I kinda go there. If your fave product happens to be in a jar at least make sure your hands are freshly washed or use a cotton swab to take out product.

As always, I hope you learned something new and helpful! Leave a comment if you have any other tips for keeping products fresher for longer!

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