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carry on checklist

1. Empty Water Bottle

(to be filled after going through security)

2. Sunglasses

3. Passport/Identification Cards

4. Protein Bars

5. Wallet

carry on checklist

1. Deodorant

2. Mints/Gum/Breath Spray

3. Hair Ties

4. Tampons

(Yes, I’ve linked tampons for you, please do some research and consider switching to an all-natural brand)

5. Nail File

6. Travel Size Perfume

(Not to be put on until after flight out of courtesy to other passengers)

7. Hydrating Facial Mist

carry on checklist

1. Eye Lash Curler

(After sleeping with your face mask on, trust me you’ll need this)

2. Facial Cleansing Wipes

3. Mascara

4. Lotion

(hand and face- travel friendly)

5. Lip Balm

6. Pressed Powder Foundation

carry on checklist

1.Powdered Greens

(Just add water- A healthy alternative to the drinks offered on the

plane and helps keep your immune system strong)

2. Hand Sanitizer

3. Multi Vitamins/Supplements

(I bring Omega-3 and a Daily Multi, bring what you’re used to taking)

carry on checklist


(A large one that can double as a blanket or pillow)

2. Neck Pillow

(A must for red-eye flights. But PLEASE don’t wear it around your neck in the airport! *cringe*)

3. Lavender Oil

(Again, not to be put on out of courtesy to other passengers-

I smell it straight out of the bottle for relaxation or if someone near me is stinky)

4. Ear Plugs

5. Pain Reliever

6. Eye Mask

carry on checklist

1.Phone Charger/Mophie Case Charger

2. Magazine

3. Laptop Charger

4. Phone (Solitaire App & Podcasts pre-downloaded) Mophie Charging Phone Case

5. Laptop

6. Head Phones

carry on checklist

London Fog Sheffield Bag



If you want to make sure you don’t forget anything the next time you travel, grab my FREE carry-on checklist.


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