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Pluck Your Brows Like A Pro- Tips & Tricks

I have a confession. I am an Esthetician and have never let anyone else wax my eyebrows. That might be a lie I can’t remember, I have a faint memory of maybe letting my friend in beauty school wax in between my eyebrows. Control freak.

If you’re anything like me or just can’t afford or be bothered to go to the spa for your brows then I’m assuming you tweeze. ME too! Here’s a few pointers to follow the next time you pluck your brows. These things frame your face so don’t be lazy about it- Follow every step!

Tools are everything

Tips for plucking your brows

Choose sharp slanted tweezers vs dull or pointed ones. You won’t be grabbing at your skin as much and will be able to grab the finer hairs a lot easier. Trust me on this one. I’d rather not pluck my brows than pluck with bad tweezers. Tweezerman is the professionals favorite but any with a similar shape should do.

Soften your skin

In a perfect world you’d be plucking after a hot shower- soft, warm, clean skin is ideal. But sometimes things aren’t perfect and you don’t have a minute to spare. At the very least, remove your makeup surrounding your brows. This is because you definitely don’t want old makeup seeping deep into your newly vulnerable follicle and causing trouble (hello, post wax/tweeze break out).

If you have a few minutes to spare use a warm wash cloth and hold over your brows for a few minutes to help soften your skin and make plucking your strays a little bit more painless.

Get to natural lighting

My favorite place to tweeze my brows is either in front of a bright window or outside. Get somewhere with natural lighting to make sure you’re seeing everything clearly and brightly.

Also, forget your magnification x10000 mirror. Unless you really need it to be able to see, it will generally do more harm than good and cause you to over pluck. If you do have to use the mag mirror make sure you step back frequently to see the ‘bigger picture’.

Get your perfect shape

Tips for plucking your brows

So now that you’ve taken off your makeup let’s actually put it back on. Just your brows though. Here’s where you want to take your time and carefully and thoughtfully fill in your brows to your dream shape.

Let’s be realistic here though, if your brows naturally grow in more of a flat shape (like me) you’re never going to have stiletto arches reaching half-way up your forehead. And that’s okay. In my experience you will look best when you play off your natural features and enhance what you already have.

SO go ahead and use your eyeliner, your brow pencil whatever you have handy and fill in your ideal brow shape. I use the Anastasia Brow Wiz.

Pluck around

Now that you have designed your dream brow, you’re going to commit to your new brows and tweeze ONLY the hairs that fall outside of your #browgoals. Too much? woops.

If you have a long ways to go until your dream brows grow in, it might be tempting to tweeze them at first but I promise you it will be worth it! And if someone comments on how you’ve let your brows go just tell them to check back in with you in a month when your brows are on FLEEK. Sorry. I can’t help myself when talking brows.

Get technical

The #1 key to ensuring the least amount of redness possible is always pulling the hairs in the direction of hair growth and holding your tweezers at a 45 degree angle while doing so. So if you’re more of a visual learner:

Tips for plucking your brows

Girl on the left is plucking at almost 90 degrees away from the face (that’s not the direction most hairs grow) girl on the right is holding her tweezers at 45 degrees pulling towards the outside of her face in the direction of hair growth. Do this. Pulling away from the hairs natural growth direction (like girl on the left) will cause unnecessary follicle trauma and leave you looking redder, longer. Hope that made sense.

The high maintenance step

This is where I get a little crazy and I change up my lighting just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Sometimes I’ll whip out my flashlight and search for strays or I’ll go to the bathroom mirror to check out the situation. And I promise you I always find a few blondies who managed to sneak by in the bright outside lighting!

As always, I hope these tips helped! If you have any other tips you’d like to share with me and other readers please let us know in the comments below!




  • ches

    Well, I didn’t know there was so much to plucking your eyebrows. But it does make sense, especially about plucking from the right direction.
    I never thought of using a flashlight for checking out missed blondies. What an idiot I am, going round the house looking for the room with the best light!
    This is a very comprehensive article on a subject most women would just get on with and going by myself, would do it all wrong.
    A bit late at my age but you learn some different every day and I will be plucking my brows from now on, in the correct way! Great info. Ches

    • Monet Lee

      Hi Ches! Haha there’s so much more to it then most people think! I’m so happy you were able to take away a few helpful tips. Now you know, it’s never too late to start plucking your brows like a pro!


  • Cathy

    After reading your article, I realized that I have been doing my eyebrows the wrong way all this while. First I never soften my skin – always do it the first thing in the morning so obviously that was painful.

    Secondly, I never really thought about the arch. I just pluck all the small hairs that are growing on the upper eyelid. I don’t even know if I have or should create an arch.

    Your article is an eye opener and it made me think seriously what I should do next when I am grooming myself.

    • Monet Lee

      Hi Cathy! I’m so glad you were able to take away some tips and tricks! If you’re curious about shaping your arches I would recommend getting a consultation by an esthetician. They will be able to show you the best arch shape to complement your face.

      I hope this helps!


  • Jeannie Brickley

    Hi Monet.

    I enjoyed your post on plucking your brows like a pro. I think you gave many good tips.

    I used to pluck my eyebrows quite frequently. I used to say I had only one eyebrow, the whole way across my forehead. Age took care of most of that. Somehow, we just get less hair in places we need it and more hair in places we don’t want it. I’m much more likely to be plucking hair out of my chin than my eyebrows these days.

    I never heard of Tweezerman tweezers that you mentioned; but my favorite tweezers do have the slant. I am guilty of ignoring my eyebrows lately. They do have a fairly decent shape (a little bit of arch); and now they no longer grow the hairs in between. The problem I have noticed lately has been that I have some grey in them and those hairs are very unruly; and show up their white against my dark brow. I have not been using a brow pencil as I prefer a natural brow. I may need to start. Is there one you recommend?

    Thank you for an informative and interesting post.


    • Monet Lee

      Hi Jeannie! A really good thing for you to look into might be tinting your brows. That way you won’t see any of the greys peeking through but you also don’t need to fuss with any brow product! You can generally get this done at any salon. If you do want a brow pencil I highly recommend the Anastasia pencil I liked above!


  • Yvonne

    This post has come at just the right time, as my eyebrows desperately need plucking!
    I never thought of using a pencil to draw out the shape of brow I want before going ahead, so that is something I’ll start doing next time.
    Your post has also reminded me to go out a buy a new pair of tweezers before I begin!

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