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Wedding dress codes can be tricky. Especially when they’re happening in barns, on the beach, in ballrooms… It’s hard to know exactly what to wear to a wedding these days!

Here are a few dresses that I’ve been lusting after and what ‘kind’ of wedding I would wear them to.

1. Bohemian


Free People

Guilded Floral Dress

The options are endless at a bohemian wedding, the whole point is to be free-spirited and comfortable. The goal here is to find a dress that makes you feel that way. Something really trendy would be appropriate at this wedding.

2. Garden


Privacy Please

Fillmore Dress

Think feminine, soft colors, flowy (maybe floral?). Refrain from a basic summer dress and make sure it has a little for formality to it.

3. Beach 



Off Shoulder Button Through Mini Sundress

I’ve obviously gone for the nautical theme but a beach wedding is the perfect time to break out the linen pants, the sun hats, classy sunnies and the short dresses.

4. Rustic


Free People

Ruffle Me Up Mini Dress

Whether it’s in a barn or in the forest practicality is key here. There is bound to be uneven ground (so wear sensible footwear) and it may be dusty so refrain from light colors. Depending on the bride she may have chosen the location because she wants a relaxed atmosphere so something loose and flowy is perfect. I’ve also chosen a dress with a pattern so that stains and dirt are hidden.

5. Formal



Cora Dress

Going for a timeless look at a formal wedding is always a good idea. A long, classic shape dress is sure to impress your formal bride as well!

I hope you enjoyed my picks! And if nothing else, found a few useful websites to use in your hunt for the perfect wedding *guest* dress!

xoxo Monet


  • Retha

    Finally a website with beautiful garments! I am a dress designer and I just love beautiful dresses. On this website, I really love the Fillmore dress and the Cora dress because My kind of beautiful (I love the way you said that) is long and flowy dresses with beautiful prints. Did you make these dresses or are these just choices for the weddings that you will attend? Either way, I think that you have excellent taste in clothing. I’m not much for short dresses for myself, but for other people I think they are nice as long as they’re not too short. But these 5 dresses are very chic and unique, love them!

    • I really appreciate your comment Retha! Thank you for your sweet words, I’m so glad you love the dresses! The dresses are all from some of my favorite online shops. Keep rocking your own kind of beautiful Retha and thank you for the encouragement!

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