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We’ve all been there at one point or another…

“$$ for a foundation?!”

“I could buy 10 drug store foundations for that price!”

There are some products where it pays to save, and other that do not. Below I will give you 5 makeup products that I have deemed ‘worth the splurge”.

#1 Foundation

Foundation is one of those products that can completely make or break your look. If your foundation has issues with oxidizing (becomes a few shades darker after application because of its contact to oxygen), clinging to dry patches of the skin, patching off throughout the day or any other number of mishaps that can happen, it may be time to splurge.

My current favorite foundation is the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation. (That’s a mouthful!)

worth the splurge

This stick formula is aaaaamazing for dry skin. I like to apply straight to my face and blend out with a damp beauty blender. If you have more normal to oily skin try the Makeup Forever Ultra HD liquid foundation.

#2 Eyeshadow Palettes

Eye shadow is one of those things that I have never had luck with at the drugstore. And the most economical way of purchasing eye shadow from places like Sephora and Ulta is going with a palette. In fact, I only own a handful of single shadows and rarely ever use them because palettes are so convenient!

One of my favorites is Stila’s In the Light Palette. This is a staple for my every day look because it has all the colors I need, the shadows are easy to blend and they have great staying power.

worth the splurge

Another favorite is Bobbi Brown’s limited edition palettes. You get a ton of colors, the shadows are velvety and blend out even easier than the Stila palettes. *Tip wet your brush with Mac Fix+ before applying Bobbi Brown shimmer shadows for an intense shine.

Here’s an example of the current one but there are new ones every season.

worth the splurge

#3 All-over face powder

Drugstore face powders can often fade quickly, look powdery on the face and even contain shimmer. I like my face powders to do miracles for me. I want an airbrush finish, but not matte. I want a glowy sheen but not to contain any sparkle whatsoever! It’s been a journey but I bring you Smashbox Photo Filter Powder Foundation…

worth the splurge

This pressed powder claims an 8-hour wear time as well as a built in ‘airbrushed filter’. It truly doesn’t cake or settle and wears as long as it claims. I hardly retouch with this product but when I do it layers beautifully. I like to apply with a kabuki brush and set with Mac Fix+.

#4 Eyebrows

They frame your face, so there’s no room for error! I have 2 tried and true brow pencils that I love and there is honestly no comparison to these at the drugstore. I find the drugstore brow products lack the color selection as well as the consistency and wear time that is found in some of the mid to high product ranges. Here are my favs…

worth the splurge worth the splurge

Mac’s ‘Eye Brows’ Brow Definer was my first brow pencil, recommended to me by a makeup artist I met in Beauty School and it has been my holy grail brow pencil until… the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer came into my life. I love the color, consistency and wear time of both pencils but what put the Anastasia one over the top for me was the shape of the actual product and the brush on the end. The product comes out in a long teardrop type of shape and makes filing in my brows so much faster because I can cover more ground in one swipe. If you prefer a super fine tip though, the Mac one is perfect for you.

#5 Setting Spray

If you have only ever used drug store setting sprays, your makeup game is about to change. Unfortunately this is one more area where the drugstore could really step up it’s game. They’re out there but the drugstore mists are more like a hose to the face and once stuck to your face it feels heavy, sticky and really doesn’t do your skin any favors. Packaging is an area where drugstore brands typically skimp and it’s worked out for them alright. But with setting sprays, the nozzle is EVERYTHING. The mist must be super fine and even or else the product won’t work properly.

worth the splurge

Mac Prep + Prime Fix+ is my favorite setting spray. It melts my powders into my foundation, lengthens the amount of time I can get out of my makeup and gives my skin a healthy glow. Bonus is that it can double as a primer, just mist on and allow product to become tacky before applying foundation.

Those are all of my favorite Worth the Splurge products!

Please let me know of any drugstore products you think could stand up to my splurge items and I’ll put them to the test!

xoxo Monet

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