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Yoga Searcher Organic Spa Review- This week we’re in Uluwatu at The Yoga Searcher Bali. This is one of the first buildings I saw when driving through Uluwatu that I thought I have to go there. It’s stunning from the street and even more stunning once inside. The concept is wellness-centerish because it has a wholesome organic restaurant, yoga chalet, holistic spa, hotel and a boutique filled with essential oils, beautiful skincare and locally made yoga clothes. Heaven right?

For now let’s focus on the spa. Here is a breakdown of the current pricing and services offered here in USD:

Traditional Balinese Massage- $20/60 mins

Lulur Full Body Scrub- $33/120 mins

Indonesian Facial- $23/60 mins

Foot Reflexology- $23/60 mins

Manicure or Pedicure- $13/60 mins each

(all prices subject to 15% for tax and service)


Walking to the spa entrance is half the journey, the grounds are so beautiful and relaxing that by the time you’ve been escorted to the spa you’re already so zen. The vibe is very holistic with special attention to detail which I loved. I’ve found many spas in the area strive to be a little more ‘western’ (most likely to appeal to the tourists) but I love how true the spa stayed to the local culture.

I was greeted happily by my therapist at the entrance of the spa and immediately felt the good vibes. I was then led to my room to change.

Here’s how the 60 min massage went:

1. This time there was no confusion about mesh panties or kimonos just simply, “Leave your underwear on and lay face down.”

2. The therapist came in and immediately started working on my right leg, she worked on one specific part of my body at a time which I found surprisingly comforting. This method took away the guesswork and anxiety of , “where’s she going next?” and allowed me to fully relax and enjoy. While working, I found my therapist’s touch incredibly sincere, thoughtful and purposeful. Call me crazy but it almost felt like she cared for me. I have only had one other massage like that before and that was from Teryn Concagh in Tuscon, AZ. (Check out her amazing holistic wellness company here)

3. Halfway through, I flipped over and this is where the massage went from great to amazing. Not only did my therapist finish my arms, hands, feet, and legs but she also massaged my stomach! I don’t think that’s ever happened to me in a massage but it felt amazing. She also spent extra time on my neck and my absolute favorite, she gave me a facial massage. Dead. Heaven.

4. Then the service was over, no fancy shower connected to my room but I had just died and went to heaven so I didn’t care too much. Got dressed, slowly. I then found my cup of tea and glass of water waiting for me in the lobby and sat and chilled. I seriously couldn’t get myself to move.


The stand outs:

The grounds of the spa were incredible

Therapists are selected for their ability to deeply connect with themselves and give you a truly healing touch. (it says so here on their website!)

All products used in the spa are organic

True Balinese feel

The wellness center vibe means you can spend practically all day on the grounds



The following pictures are of the boutique, Muzz Kitchen (the on-grounds restaurant) and the accommodations.

Check out their website for more info on staying at Yoga Searcher Bali.




As always, I hope you enjoyed! I sure enjoy doing the research for you. If you missed it- check out my last Spa Review here!


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