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If you’ve spent any amount of time on my site or my Instagram, you will have noticed that I encourage you to “embrace your own kind of beautiful” over and over again. This isn’t just a nice sentiment I’ve used to fill space, it’s truly the main thing I want each and every person to take away from my blog.

When I decided I wanted to start Monet Lee Beauty I was faced with the idea that the main principal people may take away from it would be that without all of the products and material ‘things’ that I talk about, they wouldn’t be beautiful. This made me feel incredibly uncomfortable because I LOVE seeing women who embrace and love themselves and wouldn’t want to be another reason for someone to feel down about themselves. Let’s face it, we get enough of that everywhere else we turn.

So that brings me back to my dilemma, how do I talk about skincare, makeup and fashion without placing a high value on superficial beauty? I still don’t know the answer to that and that’s why I’m writing this post- so I can just straight up tell you. Skincare and makeup is my hobby, what I went to school for and a fun part of my day. But that’s it. Having good skin or a good makeup day will only leave us feeling beautiful for as long as we’re looking in the mirror and after that, it’s what we see inside that determines how we feel. Are we being kind, loving and caring towards the people around us? Are we building other people up? If not, who we are away from the mirror is not going to feel beautiful at all.

We are never going to be beautiful like that girl on Instagram or like that woman on TV but you are beautiful like YOU. And no one else will ever be that. I encourage all of us (including myself) that when we find ourselves critiquing what we see while getting ready or comparing ourselves while scrolling through social media to stop and remind yourself about what you love about YOU. Say it out loud if you have to! My friends and family can attest to myself making everyone state out loud what they love about themselves when we start to criticize our bodies. (sorry not sorry, guys!) But it always ends with all of us complimenting each other, smiling and feeling much better about ourselves.

Now I don’t have any of this figured out- but I don’t believe that I have to to open up the conversation. I hope that I am able to figure out a way to convey this message beyond this blog post, throughout the rest of my content, and if you have any ideas as to how I can do that please let me know. We can have all the skincare, makeup and trendy clothes in the world but none of that will make us beautiful like the way we make others feel.

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