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While washing your face is a non-negotiable MUST-DO, if you’re not doing it right it could be the reason you’re breaking out. The mistakes listed below are so common that I would be willing to bet you’re guilty of a few!

Not washing your hands first!

Before you even THINK about touching your face with cleanser, suds up those hands! As I mentioned before in my free tips to clear acne post.
This will decrease your exposure to potentially acne-causing bacteria. I think we can all get on board with that, eh?


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No matter what your skin type no one should be exfoliating more than 3 times a week. Over exfoliation can cause irritation, broken capillaries and discoloration. Instead of exfoliating with a scrub containing beads or granules consider switching to a chemical exfoliant which is typically more effective and easier to use.

Not applying the cleanser in the right direction

Here’s a tip from the facial room- when moving your cleanser around on your face, focus on long upward sweeping motions. The reason for this is that your skin is *kind of* like reptile scales with your pores all laying in the same direction. When sweeping upward you’re effectively pushing the product up and into your pores, leaving you squeaky clean.

Reusing the same towel

Every time you wash or dry your face you should be using a different towel. When water comes in contact with a towel and it is left out to be used again it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. No bueno.

*Bonus tip! When drying your face try not to wipe your face dry but to gently pat, being sure not to drag the skin.

The water is too hot

Warm water can soften the skin and relax pores making it the perfect temperature to wash your face. The consequences from washing with too hot of water can be obvious (ouch!) but also can cause broken capillaries and dry out your skin! Rinsing with cool water can be a good idea for tightening pores and lessening any redness.

As always, let me know if you have any tips and trick that relate to face washing! Thanks for reading



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