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Best Affordable Makeup Brushes

I vividly remember the first time I went into Sephora looking to purchase new makeup brushes. The shock, the horror. Previous to deciding it was time to get a grown up brush set I was using brushes I didn’t even know how I got. Maybe my moms old brushes? or freebies from different palettes and sets? brushes friends left at my house?

This was years ago and looking at the shelves to see $20-$40 PER BRUSH had me in a panic. I don’t know what I was expecting to spend but I definitely couldn’t shell out $100 for all new brushes on my working-four-jobs-and-barely-paying-rent salary.

So I did the next logical step, went to Target. Purchased a few brushes that looked useful and cheap. Much to my dismay these brushes were scratchy and left small hairs all over my face! I continued to use these awful brushes thinking they were my only options.

Until…. YouTube. Thank you YouTube. I started hearing a ton of Beauty Gurus talking about Real Techniques makeup brushes. Affordable brushes and these gurus are raving about them? Sign me up. I drove 45 mins to the nearest Ulta and haven’t looked back ever since.

These things are soft, they don’t eat my product, they don’t shed at all and hold up perfectly after washing.

Below are the top 5 best affordable makeup brushes by Real Techniques:


Can be used for bronzer, powder foundation or setting powder.

best affordable makeup brushes

Powder Brush– $10


Mainly used for blush but could also work for highlight if you only use the tip.

best affordable makeup brushes

Blush Brush– $9


Blends out foundation like a dream. I prefer using with stiffer formulas like stick foundations or BB Creams. Buff into skin in circular motions to avoid streakiness.

best affordable makeup brushes

Expert Face Brush– $9


If you’re doing a basic eye, maybe a little all over shadow and a crease color these two brushes are all you need. Of course for a more involved eye shadow look you’ll want to invest in a few more brushes but these are the perfect basics!

best affordable makeup brushes

Eye Shade + Blend Duo Pack– $9

I couldn’t in good conscious recommend a brush for concealer because I use and love my beauty blender for that however Real Techniques has a similar and much more affordable beauty sponge. I haven’t tried because I’m way too loyal to the original Beauty Blender. If you have tried the RT beauty sponge let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

Also, if you’re not into the aesthetic of the brushes I mentioned and you can afford to spend a little extra cash Real Techniques recently launched a beautiful ‘bold metals’ collection. I personally bought mine before they came out so I haven’t used them but I’m assuming they’re just as good if not better. They’re available for a little higher of a price point but if you have the cash, they’re gorgeous!

Bold Metals Powder Brush– $21



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