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Best Red Lip For Blondes

With Valentine’s Day around the corner I figured it would be an appropriate time to share with you my all time favorite red lip!

Now, the post claims it’s the best red lip for blondes but to be honest, I think this orangey-red would be gorgeous on just about anyone.

I’ve been wearing this lip combo for almost a year now and it always makes me feel just like a red lip should, sexy, powerful and bold. I just realized that maybe I should wear this everyday so I can keep that feeling always.

So, now to what you want to know. This lip combo is brought to you by… Colourpop Cosmetics! So you know it’s affordable! It’s one of their infamous Lippie Stix in the color ‘Clique‘ layered on top of the coordinating lip pencil also in Clique.

And they’re on sale right now for $4 and $5. No, I’m not kidding.

If you’re tempted to pick up a few more colors while you’re there ($30 qualifies for free shipping) my favorite Colourpop formula is the Lippie Sitx in the Matte finish.

They’re full coverage, highly pigmented and long lasting without being drying or uncomfortable.

Colourpop is also Cruelty-Free and most of the shades (including Clique) are vegan. If you’re into that kinda thing.

Colourpop Clique best red lip for blondes

Colourpop clique best red lip for blondes

 best red lip for blondes

Colourpop Lippie Stix in Clique– $4 best red lip for blondes

Colourpop Pencil in Clique– $5

Order now to get it before your big date!! Happy Valentine’s Day!! <3



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