What Your Face Says About Your Health

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What Your Face Says About Your Health

what your face says about your health

Chinese face mapping is a holistic approach to skin care and overall health of the body.

I originally learned about face mapping through a further education course taught by Dermalogica and have continued research on my own. Previously, I had heard that breakouts around my chin and jaw were related to hormones but I had never considered that the placement of all breakouts or skin concerns could also be related to other organs. Makes so much sense!

My approach to Chinese medicine is not to replace Western medicine but instead to find a complementary balance of both. I always strive to take a more holistic approach at first and if I don’t see the results I am looking for I will then turn to Western medicine and products.

Many skin and health issues can be prevented by living  healthy and balanced lifestyle including not smoking, limiting alcohol intake, sleeping well and drinking plenty of water. You will notice that these actions are listed in many of the ‘solutions’ below and for good reason! Now’s the time to find out what your face says about your health!

*Please remember I am not a doctor so definitely check with your physician before trying out any supplements mentioned below!

what your face says about your health


Liver, bladder & small intestine


Reduce alcohol consumption

Eat a cleaner diet by reducing carbonated beverages, sugar and dairy

Create a regular sleep schedule including about 8 hours of sleep

Practice relaxation techniques to reduce stress (yoga or meditation)

Practice good hygiene by keeping bangs and hats clean as well as washing your face after sweating

Between Eyebrows & Temples



Reduce intake of rich, heavy food consumption (butter, cheese etc)

Avoid late night eating

Get light exercise in fresh air

Reduce alcohol consumption

Avoid cigarette smoke (even second-hand)

(Puffiness & Dark circles)



Drink more water! Half of your body weight in ounces per day is a good goal.

(150 lbs = 75 ounces of water per day)

Switch from table salt to a quality sea or pink Himalayan salt

Reduce alcohol consumption

Avoid cigarette smoke




Massage area around nose for better circulation

Take a brisk walk in fresh air

Check to be sure your blood pressure and cholesterol levels are in a healthy range

Make sure to get adequate Vitamin B

Reduce meat and salt intake


Respiratory & Emotions


Get fresh air

Exercise to keep lungs healthy

Avoid cigarettes

Change pillow cases often

Test out a new laundry detergent to see if your breakouts are related

Stay positive and relax

Sanitize phone regularly

Lower cheek break outs could be related to poor dental hygiene so be sure to get your regular cleanings!

Lip Area

Reproductive system & small intestine


Eat more fiber including fresh fruits and vegetables

Change toothpaste and/or lip products

Reduce intake of fried and spicy foods

Reduce stress levels as this can trigger breakouts around the mouth

Chin & Jawline

Reproductive system


Use acne-fighting products the week leading up to your period to minimize breakouts

Reduce stress as much as possible (yoga, meditation, sleep, massage, exercise)

Be sure you’re getting adequate Omega-3s which may help regulate hormones

Avoid resting your hands on your face

Drink more Spearmint Tea which may also help optimize hormone levels

Let me know if you see any correlation between your breakouts or skin concerns and the Chinese Face Mapping!


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