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Get Rid Of Hormonal Acne For Good

 get rid of hormonal acne for good

Acne is a valuable alert bell that goes off when something inside isn’t balanced. If creams and gels haven’t worked for you in the past it may be time to look deeper into the body. As frustrating as hormonal acne can be there may be a few things you haven’t tried yet.

Remember to talk to a trusted doctor before taking supplements or changing your diet- I would recommend finding one with a holistic approach not being paid to tell you that Cetaphil and antibiotics are the answer to all your problems.

Get to the root of the problem-

The unfortunate truth is that because this type of acne has to do with hormones, anything other than regulating and balancing your hormones is going to be a band-aid fix. All of these band-aids are great but if you truly want to get to the root of the issue I recommend seeing your doctor and talking about things like switching up your birth control or testing for hormone imbalances. If you prefer not to go this route that’s okay too, the following tips can work on their own!


Keeping your gut healthy and happy is key for all types of acne but especially for hormonal. Probiotics reduce levels of a hormone-like substance (IGF-1) that drives acne. They also reduce inflammation, help retain moisture levels in the skin, reduce stress & anxiety which all effect the skin immensely! According to my research, refrigerated probiotics are best and Bio-K are a widely recommended brand. However, if you stop into your local health food store there is usually some kind of vitamin expert eager to assist you!

Bio-K+ Probiotic Supplement Capsule Regular Strength– $30

Supplement with Chlorophyll-

Here’s a tip Reese Witherspoon AND Kate Somerville swear by so you know it must be good! Chlorophyll is the green part of plants, sometimes referred to as the ‘blood’ of plants. It’s full of antioxidants, alkalisers, internal cleansers and wound healers. Chlorophyll has also been said to balance reproductive hormones and encourage the production of deficient hormones.

Benevolent Nourishment Liquid Chlorophyll– $25

No hormones added-

Natural and synthetic versions of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone (sex and growth hormones) are injected, implanted or engineered into dairy cows, beef cattle and farmed fish. The purpose for this is to get the animal to market weight faster or increase the production of milk. I got my information from this link ( if you’d like to read more about it’s effects. Considering that this particular type of acne is related to an imbalance of hormones it’s a good idea to reduce your intake of excess hormones through meat and dairy. Look for products with this organic label to ensure that it does not contain any added hormones:

get rid of hormonal acne for good

LED Lights-

This one may require an office visit but many people have experienced amazing results using LED light therapy. The treatment was originally used to help cancer patients but when the doctors discovered how much their patients skin was improving they re-purposed it for their acne clients. Typically an in-office LED treatment package will include 2 sessions a week for 4 weeks. Your therapist will alternate between using a red or blue light each session. Red LED light promotes healing and reduces inflammation while blue LED light destroys acne-causing bacteria. If your acne is persistent and shows up ‘monthly’ consider investing in an at-home light therapy kit!

LightStim for Acne– $169

Using a combination of one or all of these tips, you can get rid of hormonal acne for good! Let me know what has helped your hormonal acne OR which tip you’re going to try out in the comments below.



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