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Ever wonder how everyone seems to know where the insta-worthy spots are while traveling? Me too! Well, with a little research before you leave for your exciting vacay you can also be, #goals.

This has been something I’ve been doing a lot recently because we leave for Bali in ONE month! We’re packing up the house and it’s all getting very real and exciting. In my research I’ve realized something. It turns out hashtags and social media is now our new Trip Advisor. Not only do we want our trips to be fun, exciting, cultural and relaxing but it also needs to be instagrammable or ‘insta-worthy’. ha my computer thinks those aren’t words.

Instagram hashtags

Where better a place to start for some insta-worthy inspiration than Instagram itself?! Start with a simple hashtag of the city you’re visiting. For example I’m going to Uluwatu, Bali so I search #uluwatu, check out the top posts and bam! We have sites to see, accommodations, restaurants, activity ideas and of course a perfect photo-op all right there. We are soo the generation of convenience aren’t we??

travel hashtags


Pinterest might be the most valuable of the 3 tips for your travel research. Here, you’re going to get more in-depth information as well as a lot of tips and tricks for how to get to the insta-worthy spots along with where to stay, eat and shop while around the area. Most of the information you’ll be seeing will be from… BLOGS! I have found invaluable information for our upcoming trip through the usage of blogs. Not only to do with hot spots for pictures but tips on getting around, which websites to book hotels through (in foreign countries) and so much more. Just type in where you’re going and you’re almost guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s what pops up when I search for my trip…


Ask a local

Once you’ve arrived to your destination, no matter how much research you’ve done, always ask a local what they think is worth doing. The local you ask could be your concierge, your waiter or waitress at a restaurant, your uber driver or just a friendly looking person who seems to know what they’re doing. Always remember that while a local will most always think that the tourist attractions around where they live are kind of lame for lack of a better word, you might want to check it off your list anyways because well, who goes to NYC (twice) and doesn’t see the Statue of Liberty?! Me. I did that. Regrets. Here’s me in NYC not seeing the Statue of Liberty…

New York Photo-op

If you’re traveling soon and want to see what I pack in my carry-on bag, check out my What’s in My Carry-on Post! Safe travels!

XO/ Monet

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