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The Most Kissable Lip Product Ever

most kissable lip product ever

There are always five things on my night stand.


Lip balm.

Eye mask.

Ear plugs.


Anyone else? These are essentials no matter if I’m at home or traveling around I take sleep very seriously and I have a whole OCD process when getting ready for bed. That’s besides the point though, the most important of these is my lip balm. I literally can’t fall asleep without something on my lips. So why not choose a super kissable lip product?!

My absolute favorite night time lip balm is the

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask.

It checks all the boxes and more:

The Scent

It smells (and tastes) like sweet vanilla in the most real non-toxic kind of way. I swear Luke kisses me good night JUST to steal some of it from my lips. Then I reapply of course because I like my lip balm layered about an inch thick.

The Ingredients

It contains the highly potent antioxidant, reservatrol which helps fight the signs of aging while promoting collagen production! Plump, youthful lips- yes please! Jojoba oil is another amazing ingredient in the Agave Lip Mask that helps keep my lips hydrated all night.

All of the ingredients are food grade (and gluten-free which I find hilarious). You will inevitably end up ingesting at least some of whatever is on your lips. Considering this is an every nighter product for me I love not having to worry about the chemicals!

The Texture

Even though the name would suggest otherwise, this Agave Mask is NOT STICKY. I know, how could a nectar-based product not be sticky?! No clue, maybe something to do with it being mixed with oils?? But the fact that my husband isn’t bothered by it when I kiss him says a lot. He hates when I have on ‘sticky’ products.

The Shade

I have the shade ‘smashed’ (left- sheer, candy apple red) because I originally thought I would be wearing this more as a day time lippie (which it’s also great as). But it’s found a cozy home on my nightstand instead and I can’t bare to move it for fear that I’ll lose it! So yes, I essentially wear a red lip to bed. That’s normal, right?? It also comes in a champagne color which is really tempting me…

kissable lip productkissable lip product

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