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Here goes one of my most requested blog posts to date, my thoughts on the Clarisonic. In general, I’m not a huge fan.

The problem isn’t necessarily with the tool itself but with the frequency at which it is used as well as some major hygienic issues. The brand recommends the brush to be used daily, even twice a day and this can create some serious issues for your skin.



My main gripe with the Clarisonic: Daily use leads to over exfoliation

Although most people buy the tool with deep-cleansing in mind, the exfoliating power is really what causes the skin to react.

Over exfoliation causes dryness

Over exfoliating your skin will disrupt your skin’s lipid (moisture) barrier causing dry or dehydrated skin. This outermost layer of skin surface keeps water in your skin providing your cells with hydration. With overuse of the Clarisonic (or any cleansing brush like it) you can destroy this layer leading to dry and dehydrated skin.

Harsh exfoliation causes premature aging

A lot of Clarisonic users have the idea that the harder they push, the deeper the clean. Unfortunately this idea is doing far more harm than good. Not only could they be tugging on delicate skin causing wrinkles to form but it also causes chronic inflammation. You may or may not be able to visibly see the inflammation but inside the skin it sets off the formation of free radicals which cause collagen loss and you guessed it, premature aging.

Inflammation can cause skin discoloration

For sensitive or discoloration-prone skin, the after effects of inflammation can lead to hyper-pigmentation. After prolonged usage, the skin will react to the constant trauma by over producing melanin (the dark pigment your skin naturally produces) causing stubborn dark patches on your face.

The hygiene issue

Like I’ve said before, I’m the opposite of a clean freak, in fact I think a little dirt and bacteria is good for you!
But not when it comes to the face. Clarisonic claims to have non-porous bristles that won’t harbor bacteria. I don’t have a degree that qualifies me to argue that statement however, my common sense makes me think that it just can’t be true. Unless you are drying your brush head off quickly and completely after every use, it’s going to harbor some bacteria. And then you’re going to smear it all over your face again.

Clarisonic also recommends that you change the brush head every 3 months. Not only is that an incredibly long time but if I was going to guess, the average Clarisonic user probably doesn’t:

A) think about how long they’ve had their brush head for


B) want to spend the $27-$32 every 3 months for a new head

So chances are, most people are going way over the 3 month mark. Rant over.

If you STILL just can’t get rid of your cleansing brush…

If after all of that you’re still thinking:

“But I paid too much $$ for this thing to stop using it..”


“I love my Clarasonic, you’re crazy Monet.”

Stay with me, you can still use it if you must! Just use these few tips:

Limit usage to 3 times a week max

Rinse and dry after every use

Refrain from using a physical OR chemical exfoliant when using the Clarisonic

Store your Clarisonic in a dry place in between uses (aka not your shower)

Get the most delicate brush available no matter what your skin type

Use your harsher brush heads to exfoliate your arms, back of legs, elbows, knees or where ever else you have dry skin (this skin is a lot tougher than your facial skin and it can take the exfoliation)

Try a different functional brush head:the problem with clarisonic

Some of my favorite (non-Clarisonic) ways to get a deep, thorough clean:

the problem with clarisonic

Shop the products mentioned:

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Remember everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently to products and tools. Let me know what YOUR skin thinks about the Clarisonic and your favorite way to use it! If you don’t use a cleansing brush what is your preferred way to get a deep clean for your face? Mine is a double cleanse and a wash cloth! Let me know yours below



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  • Liz

    I had to learn the hard way about exfoliation and how pressing to hard doesn’t make faster results. Not only does it cause pre-aging skin but I have also read that it can push a lot of the bacteria back in the pores causing more acne and scarring. Wither way thanks for your honest opinion really great site to come back to.

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